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Moments in the Meadow

Sitting in a small, white, country church as I was learning how to "Bloom where you're Planted and Grow Like A Weed", a seed implanted itself in the recesses of my heart.

A wonderful friend, Mrs Kelli Campbell of Treasured Trials, was the main speaker at our annual Ladies Jubilee. Her candid encouragement to make the best of every situation and brighten any corner we were placed, inspired me to reach a new level in my Christian walk. Her encouragement and instruction were very "real" as she described how God had used ordinary Christians to help them through an extraordinarily painful trial.

You see, I had been waiting on writing on the wall, a voice from Heaven or lightning in the sky to instruct me as to the direction God wanted me to go. As I sat there mesmerized by her openness about the hardness and harshness of the medical trial her husband had endured as a result of a medical mistake, The Daisy Pot was born.

Why this name? I'm so glad you asked....

The Shasta Daisy, to me, is one of the prettiest flowers on the planet. Eons ago, my bridal bouquet was adorned with pink roses and accessorized with bridal white Shasta Daisies. One cannot look at the sweet, innocence of a daisy without it invoking the corners of one's lips to turn upward in a smile that reaches all the way to your eyes.

In the florist world, as Mrs Kelli explained, a daisy is the "go to" flower when someone needs to have a bright spot added to their day. We Christians are to be a bright spot for those people who are in our "bouquet". A spot of hope, encouragement, and a guide to direct those around us to The Father.

Mrs Kelli also educated us as to an interesting fact about daisies. Daisies can be classified as a weed. When daisies are mowed over, the bunch that grows back will be bushier and more vibrant than the mowed down bunch. In comparing her family's present trial to a mowed daisy bunch, Mrs. Kelli's eyes misted with tears of sincerity as she relayed to us her personal desire to be "a daisy for The Lord."

As my heart was bursting with desire to be "a daisy for the Lord", The Daisy Pot came to fruition. May you find encouragement for your weary soul, inspiration to go another day and a longing to help the blossoms around you each time you visit our meadow.

Look for "Daisy Deeds" in the upcoming posts as we explore a variety of practical ways to show God's love to those around us.

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