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Moments in the Meadow--Go Bake a Cake

Sweet friends! Sweet memories!

God is just so good!

...great is Thy faithfulness

Lamentations 3:23b

Honestly, I just don't know where to start. Praying earnestly over each word that is published, I can get overwhelmed by the sheer responsibility of the ministry that lies before me. I am nothing. BUT, the God I write about is SOMETHING! Actually, He's really BIG and Great! He is a good God! He is a great God! HE IS GOD!

Where are you today sweet Christian? Do the cares of life cast a cloak of worry, fear, depression over The Light that shines within you? Is your Light being hid under the bush of anger, bitterness or hurt? I have wonderful news---There is a Remedy and His precious, wonderful name is Jesus Christ!

Life is hard. There is absolutely no doubt about that. The news, social media outlets, and even everyday conversations are filled to the brim with sad, tragic stories. Dear sweet Christian, let me encourage you to counter these weights of sadness with The Anchor that holds. The people around you are desperate for Good News and you have it! You have a cure-The Remedy for life's oldest disease-sin---and, once again, it's name is Jesus Christ. What a wonderful treasure we have. The Jewel of Heaven, The Creator, loves you, those around you, and yes, even me.

Last night, I tried my best to gather these thought blossoms and arrange them in the bouquet of a post to encourage you, the reader. A pounding head, frustrations throughout the day, and just plain tiredness, only led to thoughts full of dandelion seeds blowing in the wind. I threw a prayer heavenward and begged The Author of Life for just the right words. Uselessness crept over me and threatened to eclipse my purpose. So, I did what every woman reared in this family does when life's frustrations are invading and the mind needs a good sweeping. I baked a cake! A sweet, chocolate, delectable Texas Sheet Cake!. OHHHHHHHHHHHH YES!!!!!

Honey, I am not kidding! That thing came out of the oven just as 2 dear friends we hadn't seen in months were meandering up our driveway. As she stepped through the door and wrapped me in those loving arms of hers, I knew, my Faithful, Loving and Good God was there. He had orchestrated every movement of the night just for me. I cried. She cried. Her life has been taking a leisurely stroll through a "den of lions" lately. God reminded me as I listened to her struggles of His faithfulness. I didn't hear about the lies that had been perpetrated against she and her family. No. I heard of The Father of Truth. His faithfulness. His arms around them when they watched their loved one battle the hideous war of addiction. I heard of His protection as they have to drive hours each week just to see their sweet grandchild. I heard of the church and it's loving support to them. Christians, brothers and sisters in Christ, who barely knew them, had gone to war on their knees for them.

That is what being a Christian is all about dear one. First, to point others to Christ. Not just through speaking about Him, but living what we speak. The world is tired of fake Christians. Secondly, by demonstrating love one TO another.

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples,

if ye have love one to another. John 13:35

To, is an active verb. Write a card, bake a cake, stop by the store and pick up some cookies in the deli section. Pray for people. Ask The Holy Spirit to guide you to that one closest to you that needs a Daisy Deed. Be a daisy for the Lord. (check out a previous post for that explanation)

Go out in the day like a mighty warrior for your Faithful, Loving and Good God! He is worthy!

Praying your day is as great as your God is! :)



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