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Moments in the Meadow---There's Dirt Behind the Refrigerator (part 1)

Psalm 51:10

Create in me a clean heart, O God:

And renew a right spirit within me.

Don't be 'shamed!

We ALL have it---DIRT!!!---And the nastiest, easiest to forget, and hardest to get to, is the dirt behind the refrigerator.

How long has it been since you manhandled the refrigerator, pulled it away from the wall, and went through 3 buckets of mop water, 2 pair of gloves and a scrub brush? That linty, dust, hair (how does THAT get there??), and CSI worthy material seems to multiply as it prepares itself for the next elementary school science project.

Once, there was a young lad who had let his smart tongue get him in some trouble with his mom. As a consequence of his erring tongue, he was sentenced to the dirt behind the refrigerator excavation. As he was surveying the scene to make his plan of scouring, he inquired to his mom as to the Bible's reference that man came from dust and would return to dust as this physical life ended. His Sunday School teacher mom affirmed his inquiry to which he loudly proclaimed, "Then there's someone either coming or going behind this refrigerator!" (you can laugh-it's allowed ) :)

Nobody else sees it, however, we all know it's there. I can go around the house cleaning like a tornado in an Oklahoma spring day and when a guest walks in, they'll see a spotless house. Doesn't matter---the dirt is still behind the fridge. No matter how much we try to ignore it---It is there.

So---what do we do? How do we get rid of it? I'm glad you asked! That's what the next several posts will be about.

My dear sweet Christian friend, we all have dirt we'd rather no one know about. Poor choices, bad decisions and sad times are what evil loves to use to paralyze us in to thinking there is absolutely nothing we can do for anyone else in the name of Christ, because we aren't perfect. Honey, let me tell you something--there is only one perfect person and His name is Jesus Christ. I'm not Him, you're not Him and neither is the evil one.

When we accepted Christ as our Savior and became a Christian, His blood washes us clean of every sin. When The Father looks at you and me when the adversary accuses, He sees only the blood of His Son and we are as white as snow. That's shouting grounds right there.

Go put on your "cleaning clothes", don your pink household gloves trimmed in zebra print, and your powder pink scrub brush. Fill that fire engine red mop bucket with the best grease cutting floor solution there is (email me for the recipe- ), and hit your knees. (Who said cleaning has to be so boring and dull? Make it as fun as possible with pretty and fun accessories.)

As we share some sweet moments in the meadow this week, we'll tackle our dirt behind the fridge together. Scrubbing is much more fun when there's a crowd.

Joyfully His,


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