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Moments in the Meadow---coffee break

We're taking a coffee break from the arduous cleaning behind the fridge task. Grab your favorite relaxing beverage, put on some soft hymn instrumentals and ponder the change in this "dirty" woman after Jesus scrubbed her clean.

This post is written by my grace-filled sister. She is one of my heroes and I am honored she has taken the time out to encourage you and brag on Jesus.

Scripture Reference: John 4:1-42

The Woman at the Well (The Parenthetical Edition )

I know, I know…who doesn’t know the story about the woman at the well? Stick with me and

allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to something maybe you’ve never noticed before about

the familiar story.

John 4 opens up with Jesus leaving Judea heading to Galilee because the Pharisees were upset

with Him. (Poor, little Pharisees whining and crying because they couldn’t contain Jesus.

Another familiar story but let’s continue with this one.) John 4:4 states that Jesus “must needs

go through Samaria.” In our language that means He had to go that way. (Quick history

lesson…the Jews hated the Samaritans. They would rather have taken the long way to Galilee

instead of the shorter route through Samaria. I wonder if the disciples protested this decision or

if they didn’t feel like questioning the Messiah. You know, the King of Kings and Lord of

Lords, but how many times did they, and we, question?? Another story…sorry.) But Jesus knew

there was someone there who needed to hear His truth. (Which raises another question…who

have you been listening to?)

Jesus was weary and decided to rest by Jacob’s well. (See Genesis 33:18-19 for that history

lesson.) Notice He was by Himself and that the time was about noon. Enter stage left “a woman

of Samara” who came to get water. (Okay…a couple of things to observe on this one. The Bible

identifies this woman by nationality and gender. No name to us, but I betcha Jesus knew it.

You, no matter how insignificant you think you are, are known by your Heavenly Father. Also,

Jesus spoke to her. How scandalous!!!! Jesus was speaking to a Samaritan who also happened

to be a woman. I bet the aforementioned Pharisees would’ve had a heart attack on this one!)

Something to keep in the back of your mind…Jesus was alone because the disciples had gone

into Samaria to buy food. – verse 8 (I would’ve loved to seen how they treated the Samaritans.)

Jesus asked the Samaritan woman for a drink of water. She was shocked and questioned Him

about that. Jesus got right to the point and told her that He could provide her with living water.

(Sometimes we don’t really listen to the spiritual because we are so worried about the physical.

This woman was no different…she was wondering how He was going to get this “living water”

when He didn’t have a bucket.) Again, Jesus spoke to her about living water. And again, the

woman was only wanting it so she wouldn’t have to return to the well each day. (It is possible

that this woman was at the well at the hottest part of the day by herself so she wouldn’t have to

listen to the other women of the city talk about her and her lifestyle. Sometimes we as women

can have some sharp claws and flappy tongues.)

Then Jesus switched from the spiritual to the physical and told her to call her husband.

(Ouch…of course Jesus already knew her situation, but I wonder if her facial expression gave it

away?) And as all good women do, she changed the subject. She began discussing “church”

things such as where to worship. (It’s always easier to talk church than to talk Christ.) Jesus

gave her some more truth to digest. In verse 25, we see that the woman does have a head

knowledge about the Messiah. In verse 26, Jesus reveals to her, this Samaritan, this woman, this

fornicator, that He is the Messiah. (Oh, and one description was left out…this thirsty soul. What

descriptors can you put in for yourself? I have several I could use, but bless God, He knows I

have a thirsty soul. Excuse me…I’m about to get my shout on!!)

And then we see he disciples enter the scene again, and they started questioning Him first thing.

(You gotta love ‘em.) In verse 27, the Bible states that they “marveled that he talked with the

woman.” Remember?? It was a scandalous move!

Let me quickly get to the good part. (I know, I know…too late for “quickly”.) The woman left

the well and returned to the city and started telling those city folks about Jesus. (John 4:28-29)

Instead of running away from her past, she ran to it and talked to it about the only One Who

could restore her life. And I love, love, love verse 39. The Bible states that “many of the

Samaritans of that city believed on him for the saying of the woman, which testified, He told me

all that ever I did.” Did you get it?? Many of the Samaritans believed on Jesus For the saying

of the woman…not because of the devout, Jesus-following, miracle-witnessing disciples, but

because of the Samaritan woman. She could not contain her faith. She had gone from having a

head knowledge of the Messiah to having a heart knowledge. Praise God, I’m about to have me

a spell!! (Now, please don’t think I’m being harsh towards the disciples. I know they loved

Jesus, but just like the rest of us, they sometimes got caught up with traditions and expectations

of others.)

Because of their belief, Jesus stayed there two more days and “many more believed because of

his own word.” – verse 41-42. Those people took what that one woman told them, listened to

Him themselves and believed that He was truly “the Christ, the Saviour of the world.” – verse


Jesus took a seemingly insignificant person and used her to cause an entire city to believe on

Him. She did not allow her reputation or past sins to deter her from sharing the truth. Christ is

able to change us even today. Will we allow Him to work through us so we can help them to see

that there is a Messiah that can restore our past and give us a hope for the future?

Lord, I pray that you will speak to us in such a way that we know it is Your voice. Give us the

strength and courage to go out and proclaim the same truths that You spoke to this woman at the

well. Thank you for wanting us to be a part of Your plan. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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