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Moments in the Meadow (Back to school basics---LUNCH TIME)


On feet of hunger and anticipation, I walk as quickly as rules allow, to my cubby to retrieve my neon pink and yellow lunch box. (did you expect any different from me????). The bouquets of daisies and tulips with flitting butterflies and sprinkles of sunbursts draw a smile from me. I have as much pleasure in viewing my lunchbox as I do in consuming the delicious and love packed contents inside. Already, my mind is trying to guess what the note says inside, for I am very sure there is a note.

Eagerly, I lift the flap barely noticing the "rip" of the velcroed closure. Ignoring the comforting smell of delicately roasted chicken and laying my bag of spinach greens to the side, my eye immediately focuses on the tan, parchment looking paper in the depths of the box. There it is--my note from my Father.

As my eyes begin to read His declaration of love and provision for me, a tear slips gently down my left cheek. The words of this eternal note begin to blur, and many more follow it's path.

Those precious words.

Penned by THE God of Love.

Written specifically for His creation....

For God (THE God of the universe, I AM, Jehovah---the God who stepped out on nothing and made everything)

so loved the world--every body--every man, woman, boy, or girl

that He gave---wow!!! GAVE---to freely pass over the ownership of something

His Only Begotten Son-- the only son, His wonderful, unique son. Equal to Him in power, however, still His Son. Only I AM could do that.

that whosoever believeth in Him---anybody, any where---no matter of socio economic background, lawfulness, or education--if he/she truly believes IN Him (that means admitting the belief)

should not perish---their soul won't be put away from God

but have everlasting life--their soul will be with God for eternity.

As my head humbly bows at the remembrance of this great Sacrifice and my heart fills with renewed gratitude, I thank Him. What a God! Big enough to conquer death, Hell and the grave, yet small enough to live inside of me if I ask Him.

Thank you Father for the life sustaining "food" from your Word, Your Love Letter to us. Written in the Precious, Red Blood of the sacrifice of Your Son. You are more than my mind can comprehend.

What a God! What a Savior!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

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