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Moments in the Meadow (Back to School Basics--'Rithmetic part 3)

Lunch was great, wasn't it?! What a Father we have. The Food of His Word and the Water of His Spirit---so refreshing and nourishing.

Our day is almost over. Only one more subject left.

As He steps to the front of the classroom, our Holy Spirit Instructor takes note of the tired hearts sitting in each desk. He already knows the next subject is the most difficult. Especially for the girls in the class. He must teach this vital class with openness, honesty and the love that only He can give.

Take a deep breath as we dive in with our Teacher and learn the final "R" in our education...

III) 'Rithmetic:

A-) Add:

1. to your knowledge: Ephesians 1:17-18, James 1:5

2. to your faithfulness and commitment: Colossians 3:17- we are saved to serve and created to glorify God-Revelation 4:11

B-) Subtract:

1. Gossip: Gossip hurts-period! The Holy Spirit grieves when we spread tentacles of information to those around us. Unfortunately, sooner or later, these tentacles will slither back around to us and choke us. Gossip can be a lie, however, it also can be as true as the sky is blue. Gossip, by definition, is when we spread information and we can't be part of the solution.

2. Backbiting: harmful and hateful words spoken to someone about someone who isn't present. First cousin to gossip. Hurtful and discouraging. Do you find yourself finding fault with someone just to make yourself look better?

3. Unforgiveness: Ephesians 4:32 God commands us to forgive as He forgives. I definitely don't know what's been done to you by someone else, however, I do know if you're having a hard time forgiving that person, he/she hurt you badly. I've even heard some say, "I don't know how to forgive." Dear sweet Christian, God longs to show you how. Take it to Him. Confess your sin of unforgiveness and nail it to His cross. As the song says, "Kneel at the tree--walk away free--nail it to the cross."

4. Apathy: Luke 14:23 Has your "get up and go" for souls, backsliders and alones, "got up and went?" Confess to The Father your apathy. It's easy to get complacent. Read the vitamin B-12 of God's energetic Word and get back in the race. Sitting on the sidelines is not conducive to finishing. You can do it! There are those waiting for you to finish the race. They need you.

C-) Divide: 2 Timothy 2:15 rightly divide the Word of God.

When God's Word is hidden in your heart, you will be more aware of false preachers and teachers.

How did Jesus defeat the devil in the wilderness???? He quoted Scripture. Write down, memorize and share Scripture as you rightly divide the Word of Truth.

D-) Multiply: Matthew 28:19 multiply souls

Tell others of Christ! Win them and disciple them. Win them by:

1. one on one soul winning: Matthew 28:19

2. being a Godly example: Philippians 3:17

3. sending missionaries Matthew 24:14, Acts 16:9

WHEW!!!! My head is swimming and my heart is trying to wrap around all the 'Rithmetic we've learned today. This is definitely a lesson that has multiple facets of homework and daily review.

What challenge has The Teacher highlighted in your core education? Is your weakness in your addition, subtraction, multiplication or division? Don't be afraid to tackle your weakest subject. The Teacher is right beside you. Ready to lead you down the path, beside the still waters and straight to graduation day.

Follow His instructions.

Read His directives.

Praise the Lord, one glorious day, as we walk across the graduation day, He'll hand us our crowning diploma in one hand, shake our other hand and whisper gently in our ear, "Well done, thou good and faithful student".

What a day!

Glorious day!

That will be!



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