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Moments in the Meadow (Marvelous Silence)

And when he was accused of the chief priests and elders, He answered nothing

Matthew 27:12

And He answered to him never a word: insomuch that the governor marvelled greatly.

Matthew 27:14

It isn't the world's culture to understand when we Christians stand quietly or don't spout back during hateful, mocking words, false accusations or even ugly murmurings. Lest you think I'm some kind of saint, I'll have to admit, it is not the way I want to respond.


It is GOD'S way.

As I was reading this grim chapter, (Matthew 27), some truths jumped off the page and hit home in my heart. Conviction set in when memory recalled my not- so- quiet mouth at a false accusation. Sorrow for the pain I caused my Saviour tidal waved over me and once again, I was reminded of His Sacrifice.

It was for me He died.

It was for me He cried.

It was for me He hung upon that cross.

Praise God!

It was for me He conquered death, Hell and the grave. It was for you as well my enlightened friend.

As my heart hovered in the horror of the injustice given to Jesus, joy came bouncing along on the words of the last verse. Here, Pilate was admonishing the soldiers to secure the tomb with the stone. My lips and heart curved into a smile as memory pushed forward and bridged the gap to Matthew chapter 28 where the rest of that story lay.

HE LIVES my friend!


and because He lives, you, me and any other saved soul can face tomorrow. Hallelujah!

Shout right there, raise your hand or just kneel in the gratitude of the moment.


Seal my mouth shut. May my God-given silence speak so loudly it will cause the accusers, mockers, and murmurers to greatly marvel.

May the vision of how awful the cross was, but how BIG You are, march on before me as each lash of the whip slashes my back. May I never lose sight of Your Sacrifice. It was for me You died. Open my mouth only to boldly tell others of Your loving, sacrificial giving for mankind's soul.

My mountains may be big.

My storm may be rough.


Fear has no place in the heart full of God for He banishes all fear. You are stronger than anything-----EVEN DEATH!

Dear friend, what is it that has you wanting to give someone a piece of your mind? Who is it that deserves a tongue lashing from you? How different would the outcome be if you stayed silent. I have quoted my former Pastor many times, however, it still rings true, "Hurting people hurt people."

When you've done all you can, and you've lived truth, stand still. Stand in the power of Christ given humility and let the power of your closed lips speak for you.



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