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Moments in the Meadow (My Refuge, My Strength)

God is our refuge and strength, a very present Help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1

What a wonderful thought and truth---

God, the King of the universe, Creator of all, Controller of everything---is our refuge. We are protected while the world rages round us.

God is our strength. We have no strength when compared to God's. His strength conquered death, hell and the grave. Our powerful problem is absolutely nothing for Him. We can be a David in a Goliath world. I try to remember that David had no clue how Goliath was going to fall, he just knew he wasn't going to mock his God any longer. He knew his Abba was bigger than Goliath. We have the advantage of being able to read The Bible and know how events unfolded. David didn't; however, he knew enough in his youthful dreams to just trust God. Sweet Christian, that's all God wants--simple trust.

Let's take a sweet gander at the at the latter part of the verse---"a very present help in times of trouble". We're in a heap of trouble right now aren't we? The world is spinning out of control and we have absolutely nothing to stop it---or do we???

Once again God uses verbiage to describe His personal interest in our lives. He's not just present, He's VERY present. Meaning more than just sitting on the Throne of Heaven watching you run in fear or wallow in discouragement. He is VERY-extremely-wowsa wowsa-- present, right in the middle of it with you. He doesn't always take the hardships and struggles and leave us tiptoeing through the tulips. No, we'd become weak, whiny and woefully ungrateful if he did those things each time.

Notice The Word doesn't say in TIME of trouble. We know He is there in time of trouble. No, my sweet friend! The Word says IN trouble. Right in the very midst of it. Are you in trouble? Is there no one who understands, cares or even stands with you? Your flesh may say no dear one, but God says yes. A resounding, caring, confident, "YES!" Even if you're in trouble because of foolish decisions and choices. HE! IS! THERE! Anything or anyone who tries to tell you different is a liar and the truth is not in him.

You are loved with an everlasting love.

Live that way.

Run to Him.

His arms are open wide.

Defeat the enemy in your life by allowing The One who is with you IN your time of trouble to fight for you.



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