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Moments in the Meadow --Ouch!--

And why call ye me, Lord, Lord and do not the things which I say?

Luke 6:46


The second my brain received these words, an extremely bright light bulb of conviction flipped on in my heart.

I am a Christian.

I love God.

I love my family in Christ and my immediate family.

How many times over the course of my Christian walk have I known in my heart or heard in my head, God's sweet directives, and I ignored them? "Speak to that enemy---Share my gospel with that person--write that book---cook for that sick person, etc. "

As we've sailed through another Christmas season, did we heed to the sweet voice of The Holy Spirit when He directed forgiveness, mercy, and grace to the irritating, rude, or harsh relative, co-worker, classmate or shopper? Did we emphasize Him and His Unspeakable Gift to us. Did we run helter, skelter forgetting THE reason for this most Holy season?

Examine your answers to the afore mentioned questions. Are they what God is pleased with. He is a good God. No---He is a GREAT God!! There is none above Him. He is Creator of us all . Loving, giving, merciful and kind. No matter what circumstances, evil darts or harsh times flood our days, these truths are still real and relevant.

We've come through the season of thankfulness, giving and receiving and are on the precipice of turning a new year. What, dear friend, have you heard our Lord say? What has HE directed of you? What are you going to do with His directives? It will be your choice. He doesn't force His will on you. He lets you choose.

I know that before I could pen these words to you, I had to stop and bow my head and confess where I'd been fearful, lazy and yes, even prideful, to do the requests my Lord has made. I want God to be the center of The Daisy Pot. I want His glory to shine above anything else in this blog. I want to shout from the mountaintop and the lowest valley that HE! IS! WORTHY!

There are exciting days ahead in 2017 and I look forward to serving Him by serving you. Without you dear reader, ceases to exist. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers for this ministry. Please share this site with as many others as you can.

Please pray for the outreach of this ministry to grow. There are exciting days ahead and I am so unworthy, but blessed to be a child of THE King.

"God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called."

joyfully His,


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