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Moments in the Meadow (It's Time for a new song)

Psalm 144:9a

I will sing a new song unto Thee, O God...

How beautiful our song of praise is when bills are paid, health abounds in our family, and our church services are so sweet. It hits the major chords as our foot taps to the joyful noise of a sunny tune.


Out of the blue, as we look to the horizon, a storm rolls in with the fury of a run away train.

A bad test result catapults us into the valley of fear, worry, and even despair. Our head bows as the onslaught of the storm pummels our very body and spirit.

Do we stop singing?

We want to, that's for sure.

Oh! My dear Christian friend-- no--don't stop. The song may be sung with the sounds of minor chords of disappointment, hurt or disillusionment.



As the storm rolls on and leaves you battered, sing the song of gratefulness. Your body is weary!

Your spirit is weak!

Sing on!

Sing on!

Hope doesn't live in silence.

Sing on dear one!

Sing! Sing!




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