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Daisy Deeds (Bloom Where You're Planted)

And Paul dwelt two whole years in his own hired house, and received all that came in unto him, preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.

Acts 28:30-31

Paul wanted to go to Rome. He wanted to tell them all about Jesus. His power, His salvation and His everlasting love. He had wonderful and true motives for going---- But----just as it is in our lives, the journey to his destination wasn't what, how, or when he expected.

The Bible says that once he got to Rome, (he was a prisoner--in jail--a criminal by the world's standards), he was there two whole years under house arrest. You know, Paul could've sat in that house, bemoaning his situation and going over how it wasn't as he expected. Again, he made the choice to be as active as he could in his given situation.

There are many of us today, right now in situations and on paths that we didn't expect. We've been looking at what's holding us back and keeping us in bondage from not serving God and we've neglected to notice what we can do for God. Paul, in these 2 short verses, demonstrates some Daisy Deeds. Little petals of encouragement and service to the God whom He loved with all his heart.

What were they specifically and how can we plant and apply them to our specific situations? I'm glad you asked...

1. He preached the kingdom of God: preach means proclaim. You may be stuck in a spot and feel you can't speak out. Be patient, pray for God to bring the people to you and believe me, sweet friend, He will. Be prepared to proclaim His saving grace to all who enter your space. The Bible says he received ALL that came in unto him. You can bet your bottom dollar that he preached Jesus to each and everyone. Did everyone believe and accept Jesus' gift of salvation? No. But that wasn't Paul's responsibility. His Daisy Deed was to tell all who came about the kingdom of God.

2. He taught those things which concerned the Lord Jesus Christ: those souls who did accept Christ needed to know how to love for Him. God placed Paul in a place of bondage so he would have time and energy to disciple the new converts.

3. counsel: I know we all feel inadequate to talk to others who are going through troubles and trials. Every situation in our lives, past or present has been planned or permitted by a loving God. When God brings you a hurting soul going through similar storms as those you've weathered, just relay God's provision, His blessings and mercies as you sailed that rough sea. Be open, honest and real in describing your emotions and questions as you anticipated calmer waters.

4. Write letters: many of Paul's epistles were written while he was in prison. Buy a box or make cards to send to those who are sick, hurting, grieving, have a loved one shipped to the war torn parts of our planet, etc. Typically, churches have a prayer list and a directory of some sort. Ask God to show you who to send what to. I felt impressed years ago to write a card to a young mother some worlds of encouragement. I didn't know her that well, however, I knew God was instructing me to write her a note. To this day, she praises God and the timing of that note. She was contemplating leaving her husband and Scripture and words that I divinely wrote, made her rethink her plans and turned her heart toward her home.

I also have a group of ladies that The Lord laid on my heart and I send them a Bible verse text almost every day. If I happen to miss a day for whatever reason, many of them will check on me and will testify as to the encouragement God's Word gives them.

5. Have tea, coffee, or make lunch for someone the Lord lays on your heart: If you're homebound and just don't know who to ask, pray first and ask God, or ask your Pastor or ladies ministry director.

I know some of this is new and different and a little out of the box. Sweet Christian friend, we've got to get out of our boxes and show God's love one to another. Pick up the basket God has given you , go pick some daisy deeds and spread those petals of encouragement. Bloom where you're planted sweet Christian. Bloom profusely.

Feel free to email The Daisy Pot or leave a comment on our Facebook page as to how God used you to plant Daisy Deeds in the garden of life He's given you.



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