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Moments in the Meadow (Happy Birthday!)

That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving and tell of all Thy wondrous works.

Psalm 26:7

The Daisy Pot has just passed it's first birthday!




What a ride we've had so far. We've met so many new people and been able to share burdens, blessings and even some bouncing emotions. Life is truly an adventure. I love it.

The door to our Daisy Pot meadow is now covered with flowers beginning their second blooming season. Pink, purple, yellow and orange blossoms lavishly clothe the door frame, colorfully beckoning us to walk in and meditate with The Master. The gentle breeze caresses the grassy carpet encouraging it to greet us with it's gentle sways. The tranquil sky, crystal clear and ocean blue remind us of God's greatness. Birds in every timbre and tone, sing of His goodness and provision. Come sit down at The Master's table. The creamy ruffled, Shabby Chic, tablecloth drapes homeness, comfort and love right in our laps. What a sweet table that's been set for us. Isn't it just an awesome thought that The God of the universe desires a personal, intimate relationship with us? That truly boggles my mind.

As we reminisce at the table, one of the first recollections is a sad one. As I shared with you all here, I lost a very dear friend to Heaven this past year. My heart still misses her tremendously. Facebook shared a memory video with me the other day and amidst the cheering in the background of me making a third backward basket, I could hear her laughing and congratulating me. Tears sprang to my eyes as I took just a few moments and reflected on our short, but deep friendship. Tonya was such a firecracker.

Another memory my Heavenly Father and I discussed was the career change back in September, 2016. After 32 years as a dental assistant, I became a Distance Learning Advisor at the local high school. I was thrown into daily warring of teenage emotions, questions, and even disrespect. This job challenges every bit of patience, mercy and grace I have. Actually, it used up mine and I truly just had to lean on God. I love it and am looking forward to another year of guiding students through online learning. God so lovingly and in His unexpected way has given me an opportunity to be a light in a very dark world. Our teens aren't facing any different evils, they just come in different and newer circumstances. When you think of it, pray for teachers and all people involved in education. There is an all out attack on discipline, respect and good character. Pray for the teens who are truly trying to live for God. Pray for the lost ones, that they'll see God's saving grace in the rest of us. By God's grace I will not hide His Light and will do my best to show those teen babies there is a loving God who desires so much for them.

I could write all day and still not exhaust His goodness to me. As the song says,

"God's been good, in my life.

I've been blessed beyond my wildest dreams as I go to sleep each night. "

OHHHHHHHHH YES!! Last, and definitely not least, I was privileged to record a piano CD entitled, "For the Love of God". It is almost complete and you'll be able to order one from here very soon. I settled on that name for the CD because that's the main reason I finally surrendered and completed the recording. It is because of my love for Him and my desire to show others I love him. I kind of feel like the little drummer boy when presenting Him with this gift. There are so many other piano players more accomplished than I, however, my Father knows this is created from my heart in response to my love for Him.

Thank you so much for visiting with us today. It is time to arise from the table and go about the day. I'd really like to just sit here and keep on relaying God's goodness. Thank you for tolerating the lapse in posts as quite honestly, the new job and the CD, as well as teaching piano have soaked up much time, but especially much energy. This 'ole girl was just plain, (as we say here in the south), TARD!!!! (that's southern for extremely tired).

Be on the lookout for a new moment in the meadow in the very near future. I am also working on some new ideas for the Daisy Deed section and I do believe you're gonna love them!! I'm so so excited!!

Please feel free to email me with any prayer concerns. I will truly pray with you over them. Also, check out my Facebook page, "The Daisy Pot."

Have a splendiferous day dear sister daisies!!

You are loved by The God of The Universe!!!!



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