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Moments in the Meadow ( My God is so Big)

...He is The Living God and steadfast forever...

Daniel 6:26

This is a direct, happily surprised, non-Christian King's quote about Daniel's God after Daniel's triumphant exit from the hungry lion's den. The King loved Daniel and he was incredulous of Daniel's God's power and might.

What are your lions my Christian friend? What hungry, evil lie lies at the bottom of an unknown pit and it threatens to be your undoing? You can hear it's snarls of your inadequacy as it prances around the pit just waiting for the moment you're cast in to its evil clutches.

Do not fear! Your God is THE Living God. He has defeated Death, Hell and the Grave. There are no limits to His power. He is yours and you are His. Ask Him to close the "lion's" mouths. Daniel didn't know what the outcome of his fateful "zoo" trip would be, however, he knew His God whom he was anchored in, and he simply stood his ground and trusted. You can do this same brave, trusting action.

Ohhhhhhhhh, my sweet friend! It is so so true.

He is Living!




He is Steadfast!




He is all these and so much more~

I have just one short question...

Is He yours??

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