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Damaged But Not Ruined

Then the heathen that are left round about you, shall know that I, the Lord, build the ruined places and plant that that was desolate: I the Lord have spoken it and I will do it.

Ezekiel 36:36


No matter how hard she stared at the wand in her hand, the "plus sign" was still there.

She was numb and in almost disbelief. Naively, she thought because she was a "good, Christian girl", she'd be protected from a premarital pregnancy. After all, she'd signed the "Purity Pledge" just a few short months ago.

She's a deacon's kid,

leader in the youth group,

mentor to the younger girls,

and up til a few weeks ago, a virgin.

She was well on her way to staying pure until her wedding day.

"He's the one you're gonna marry anyway, so what's the big deal?", her conscience reasoned. "But I'm only 17 and we're not getting married til we're out of college," she answered out loud. Whirling through her mind were visions of idealistic college days, standing against the traditional "partying" scene, anchored in her faith and steadfast in her convictions. She had big plans of showing others how to walk and talk the Christian life in an un-Christian environment.

But NOW?---HOW?

Fast forward 9 months.

Alone in her hospital room, a beautiful angelic face stares up at her. She's a mom. She did complete her GED so at least there's the hope of college now or at least a halfway decent job. Her parents pour out their "grand-love" to the gift in her arms but nothing is the same. She's a mom at 17. Baby's Daddy ran the day she delivered the unexpected news and his parents refuse to acknowledge her or their grand.

Fast forward 2 years.

Life is hard. Even with the roof over her head and food for she and the baby provided by her parents, life is still hard. Friends from the youth group drifted away as her mommy responsibilities overtook her carefree youthful life. College is still "out there" somewhere. She's moved up to head cashier and is at least able to provide the necessities for Baby Bella.

All around her for the past 2 years, she's heard the gossipers whispers, the wagging tongues, and watched the sad "what-she-could-have-been" looks.

Her Christian testimony used to be a solid wall--not now. She can't think past her stupidity in trusting the baby's daddy that one fateful night. No one cares that her days are long and the nights are longer. God seems to be a bizillion miles away. Cannon balls of guilt have blasted holes in her God filled dreams and hopes.

"How can You use me?", she cries into the cold lonely air to the only One who knows her deepest despair. Through her exclamations of renewed repentance and desperate forgiveness, His Hand opens and she see's her name engraved in His Almighty and All Forgiving palm. Lovingly, He reminds her of the words in His Love Letter to her. Once confessed and repented, His Blood covers and He can't even recall what she keeps pulling up.

As the sunrise of recognition and the day of living for Christ begins anew, she lives with a fresh, vivacious love that draws so many to The Savior. The Christ-like compassion born from heavenly forgiveness is a beacon to those who've been tossing on life's stormy sea.

Tongues that have never professed Christ, hearts--cold and indifferent to the message of the Gospel are now watching a once, dry and deserted heart bloom with flowers of forgiveness and hope. They're being drawn as a lost moth to The Light of God's saving grace. All because of a "mistake"---a sin.

Dear sweet soul bound in a prison of guilt, shame, hopelessness and despair.

You are not destroyed. You may be damaged from willful rebellion or misplaced trust, however, you are NOT destroyed. The Potter molds and makes your vessel. Submit to his loving pressure on the Potter's wheel as He re-works the cracks brought on by evil's blows.

He loves you. Three words that will absolutely never ever change.

Isn't it great to know that when we and others think we are ruined and/or desolate, our Lord will build and plant so that even the heathen will recognize HIS work? He then seals it with the promise HE speaks in His Word. HE WILL DO IT!!

What is it today, dear one, The Master Gardener needs to plant? What does He need to reconstruct or rebuild?

Trust Him.

He will absolutely never, ever lie.

He cannot lie.

Don't give up dear one. You're a blessing to many.

joyfull His forever and always,


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