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A Moment in the Meadow with My God and Being Adored

I love to read. (My goal is a book a week.)

I don't always accomplish that goal, however, I love it when I do.

I love my God and I time.

To think The God of The Universe actually wants a relationship with little me, is truly beyond my comprehension. I honestly don't know how people make it without God's loving hand guiding them and His everlasting love in their hearts. I didn't cultivate a consistent God and I time until I was in my 20's and under some Godly, encouraging older women who took me under their wings and were true Titus 2:5 women to me. I'm so grateful for their investment in my spiritual life.

Sitting on my screened porch, listening to a cacophony of The Creator's sounds reminds me of His creativity and His beauty. Gratitude flows from my pen onto the pages of my journal and drips from my eyes like the yellow, brown, and red leaves dripping from their spring/summer homes. I've been reading my latest book launch assignment and it has gripped my heart in it's Scriptural reminder of God's adoration of His creation.

I love Adored.

What a tremendous reminder of Who's we are in The Lord I discovered in Lindsay A Franklin's young women's devotional book, Adored. The subtitle, suggests it's a book for young women, however, I found it's devotions and Scripture a welcomed reminder for this 50+ year old. What a shower of blessing in a world filled with storms of catastrophic force. Our women are facing unprecedented pressures and stresses and "Adored" is an anchor reminding us of our very personal God's love and His great Sacrifice for us all. As the claws of negative and bullying in social media and peer pressure clamor toward our young ladies to rip them apart, Adored is a powerful weapon to thwart these evil clutches.

What a wonderful gift this book would be for that woman of any age, but especially that teenager who's trying to maintain a Christian testimony to those around her. Within it's pages are the keys to open the door to a successful journey during those tumultuous times. The financial investment in this book could have unfathomable returns for that young lady in your life. Secret Prayer Pals, mentors, etc. will find this a valuable resource when discipling a younger woman. I work at a local public high school and Adored is now in the basket that sits in my room filled with spiritual help books for any student who chooses to utilize them.

Thank you Lindsay A Franklin for following the Lord and spreading the butter of encouragement on this slice of bread we call life.

Joyfully His eternally,


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